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Den Yoga

Yoga Flow Wednesday 5:30pm

Yoga Sculpt Saturday 9am 

This  yoga class is designed to challenge your core stability, flexibility and heart rate.  We incorporate fun beats, some weights and encourage our  participants to have fun with their yoga!

Abs & A$$

Tuesday 5:30pm and Friday 6am 

This class is designed to get your glutes toned and your abs tighter!

Set those glutes and abs on fire in this 45 min workout using free weights, bands, yoga balls, gliders and your body weight!

Hip Hop Dance 

Monday 6pm 

Friday 7pm Ladies Night Stilletto Class!

Saturday 10am 

Checkout our new instructor Joan. A professional dancer with moves that will kick your butt into shape in this hour long hip hop dance workout!

What our Clients are saying...

Nicole has been the best trainer I've ever used.  She guided me to lose 45 lbs in 3 months

Dennis M.

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